HR Functions

HR on Demand is more than an employment law compliance consulting firm. We are also your go-to HR consultants for day-to-day human resource and employee management needs. As your trusted HR advisor, we act as an extension of your business, providing answers to any and all human resource related questions, no matter how basic.

Our HR services include assistance with:

  • Compliance with employment and labor laws (e.g. FLSA, State Wage & Hour laws, FMLA, EEO laws).
  • Personnel issues and concerns as they arise.
  • Handling difficult employees counseling situations and advise on what the implications are for the company.
  • Discipline, as warranted and requested, to employees with conduct or attendance problems.
  • Employee relations and investigations
  • Employee terminations.
  • Development, implementation and review of HR policies and practices.
  • Hiring/Firing policies and practices.
  • Payroll and timekeeping practices review.
  • Employee job satisfaction surveys and other HR issues as they arise.

We also provide cost savings by assisting with:

HR Forms and Checklists

U.S. Department of Labor, EEOC, ICE, and Local Government labor investigations

Development, implementation and review of employee handbooks

Employee exemption analysis and determinations

Compliance Assessments

Our service rates


Defined by project
A fixed project fee may be charged when the scope of the services requested are limited, the time necessary to accomplish the project can be reasonably approximated and the deliverables are well defined.
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Defined by time
Cover services which are, generally, of short duration at our regular hourly fees. For example:
1. Assistance with a USDOL, ICE, EEOC, etc. investigations.
2. Internal investigation of employee allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment.
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A monthly fee service agreement typically includes services intended to keep the client in compliance with HR and labor and employment law requirements. These include unlimited consultations, compliance assessments, employee, management trainings, and assistance with federal, state, and local agency investigations, etc.
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