HR Services

HR Consulting and Employment Law Compliance Services

HR Functions

HR on Demand is more than an employment compliance consulting firm. We are also your go-to HR consultant for day-to-day human resource and employee management needs.

As your trusted HR advisor, we act as an extension of your business, providing answers to any and all human resource related questions, no matter how basic.

HR Training Services

You are busy running your business and managing team members, and if you don’t come from an HR background you may not be aware of the federal labor laws that you need to comply to. What could be a simple mistake can end up costing your business thousands of dollars.

Our team of employment law compliance experts works with you to understand your business, and then creates a training program to help you understand and comply with the major labor laws

Employment Law Compliance

Employment law is complex and ever changing, and the penalties from non-compliance can cost your business thousands of dollars.

HR on Demand works with you to ensure you are following standard best practices to help you avoid lawsuits or investigations.

Compliance Audits

In today’s litigious environment, businesses must be proactive to prevent or reduce the chances of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) lawsuits and U.S. Department of Labor investigations.

One of the most effective ways to do so is to regularly conduct FLSA compliance audits. These audits will help determine whether any FLSA compliance issues or other employment issues exist in your business.