The ways we charge for our services

We offer three ways to engage our services


Defined by project
A fixed project fee may be charged when the scope of the services requested are limited, the time necessary to accomplish the project can be reasonably approximated and the deliverables are well defined.
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Defined by time
Cover services which are, generally, of short duration at our regular hourly fees. For example:
1. Assistance with a USDOL, ICE, EEOC, etc. investigations.
2. Internal investigation of employee allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment.
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A monthly fee service agreement typically includes services intended to keep the client in compliance with HR and labor and employment law requirements. These include unlimited consultations, compliance assessments, employee, management trainings, and assistance with federal, state, and local agency investigations, etc.
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We are former federal Department of Labor investigators, managers, and attorneys that are passionate about helping our client’s stay ahead of the ever-changing HR rules and regulations. As HR and employment law compliance experts, we provide HR compliance consulting services throughout South Florida and nationwide, allowing you to focus on your business.